Our Environmental Policy

Infocus Displays Ltd recognises that a responsible approach to the various environmental issues resulting from its activities is essential to its long term success, and that of its customers. The company also recognises that improved environmental performance has sustainable benefits.
We are, therefore, committed to continual improvement, and the prevention of pollution, minimising any adverse environmental impacts of our service whenever and wherever practical.
The activity of Just Roller Banners focuses on minimising the impact of our operation on the environment waste, print, paper, chemical, etc and we seek to continually improve our process and further minimise.

      We will:

Ensure that our operations comply with all relevant environmental legislation, and endeavour to exceed minimum requirements where appropriate.

Improve understanding of VOCs emissions from printing processes.
Ensure that the products we stock are sourced using defined environmental criteria and encourage all our suppliers to strive for environmental excellence.

Not knowingly trade with any organisation whose activities continue to be the subject of environmental concerns
Work to minimise waste arising from our activities and promote a higher percentage of re-use and recycling in all areas of our business. Continuously reviewing energy use to reduce heating, lighting and production processes for their energy consumption.

Ensure that this policy and related initiatives are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels in the organisation, and that they are supported through suitable education and training. All employees are aware of our policy and actively participate and improve their own personal impact.

Review and update this policy as necessary to help safeguard the environment.

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